Netherlands Platform Complex Systems


16 April 2020

The 4th NPCS Annual Conference 2020 is cancelled!

The Corona virus is hitting us all hard. Given the current situation and the fact that the RIVM expects things to get worse in the coming month, the Yearly NPCS (Thursday 16th April) conference is cancelled. Below you will find the original program.

While these are circumstances beyond our control, the NPCS team will work hard in making next year’s conference even better! And, we hope to see you there!




09:30 Hall, Minnaert building
Welcome, Coffee/TeaRoom Mezanine, Minnaert building
Start Programme for decision makers in Industry and Government (*)
10:00 Room Cosmos, Viktor Koningsberger building
Opening by Prof.dr. Peter Sloot (chair NPCS), Prof.dr. Henk Dijkstra (board NPCS) and Prof.dr. Charlotte Hemelrijk (chair NPCS Research Committee)
10:15 Room Cosmos, Viktor Koningsberger building
Keynote lecture
Prof.dr. Astrid Homan (University of Amsterdam)
“The complexity of managing diversity” (abstract)
11:00 Room Cosmos, Viktor Koningsberger building
Poster pitches
11:30 Hall, Minnaert building
Poster session and Lunch
13:00 Parallel tracks

Social Sciences (room COSMOS, Viktor Koningsberger building)
Dr. Vincenz Frey (University Groningen), “The Emergence of Exchange Structures Revisited: Information Sharing, Trust and Endogenous Inequality” (abstract)
Dr Mark Brandt (Tilburg University) and Dr. W.A.A. Sleegers (Tilburg University), “Two characteristics of belief system networks distinguish between ideologues and non-ideologues”(abstract)
Prof.dr. Reinout Wiers (University of Amsterdam), “Interdisciplinary complexity research on common mental health problems; Introducing the Center for Urban Mental Health”(abstract)
Dr. Fred Hasselman (Radboud University Nijmegen), “Studying Complex Adaptive Systems with Internal States: A Recurrence Network Approach to the Analysis of Multivariate Time Series Data Representing Self-Reports of Human Experience”(abstract)

Natural Sciences (room ATLAS, Viktor Koningsberger building)
Prof.dr. Kirsten ten Tusscher (Utrecht University), “Plant root system patterning across scales; The importance of growth” (abstract)
Prof.dr. André de Roos (University of Amsterdam), “Dynamics of within-population structure stabilise complex ecological communities”(abstract)
Dr. Huijuan Wang (TU Delft), “Information diffusion backbones in temporal networks” (abstract)
Dr. Ingrid van Dixhoorn (Wageningen University and Research), “Measuring and influencing resilience in farm animals” (abstract)

Applied topics on the added value of complexity (room PANGEA, Viktor Koningsberger building)
Dr. Nina Schwarz (University of Twente), “Modelling human decision-making in urban complex systems” (abstract)
Dr. Mike Lees (University of Amsterdam/Institute for Advanced Study) and Msc Eric Dignum (UvA), “School Segregation modelling in Amsterdam” (abstract)
Prof.dr. Lori Tavasszy (Delft University of Technology), “Modelling complexity in freight transport and logistics systems” (abstract)
Dr. Paul Bouman (Erasmus University Rotterdam), “Modelling crowded trains using minority games” (abstract)

15:00 Hall, Minnaert building
15:30 Room Cosmos, Viktor Koningsberger building
Keynote lecture
Dr. Anna von der Heydt (Utrecht University)
“Tipping points and tipping cascades in the climate system: How do we know whether 2 degrees is too much?” (abstract)
16:15 Room Cosmos, Viktor Koningsberger building
Closing remarks by Prof.dr. Charlotte Hemelrijk (chair NPCS – Research) and Dr. Ana Barros (chair NPCS – Society)
16:30 Hall, Minnaert building
18:00 END

*) During the symposium decision maker participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the scientific programme and its implications in practice.