Netherlands Platform Complex Systems

About NPCS

The Netherlands Platform Complex Systems (NPCS) was founded in 2016. The platform was created for academia, industry, policy makers and societal organisations.


We aim to organise, structure and facilitate research in complex systems, and to promote educational, societal and industrial use of complex systems knowledge.


Membership is open to all professionals who are connected to or operate in the field of complex systems. A membership is free. If you are a member, you will be included in the NPCS network and regularly informed on upcoming events or news.

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Coordination and funding

The NPCS will switch coordinating organisations at least once every five years. The coordinating organisation will be chosen by the Daily Board on the basis of nominations. The current coordinating organisation of the NPCS is the University of Utrecht.

For the period of 2016-2017 the NPCS received a starting grant from NWO-EW, TNO and the University of Utrecht. The University of Utrecht, as the first coordinating organisation of the NPCS, guarantees funding until 2020.

Professor Alexander Rinnooy Kan at the kick-off of the NPCS