Netherlands Platform Complex Systems


4 April 2019
Minnaert building, Leuvenlaan 4 Utrecht, the Netherlands

3rd NPCS Annual Conference 2019


See below for a photo impression of the conference


09:30  Welcome & Coffee/Tea
10:00  Opening
10:15  Keynote lecture Presentation
Professor Han van der Maas, University of Amsterdam/Institute for Advanced Study
Complex systems approach to psychology
11:00  Poster pitches
11:30  Poster session & Lunch
13:00 Parallel tracks

Social Sciences
Denny Borsboom (University of Amsterdam)
The Network Theory of Psychopathology: Mental Disorders as Complex Systems
Charlotte Hemelrijk (University of Groningen)
Dynamics of dominance relations of female versus males in primates
Marieke Schreuder (University of Groningen)
Does psychopathology behave as a complex system? A new approach for personalized health care
Paul Duijn (University of Amsterdam)
Detecting and disrupting criminal networks: A data-driven approach

Natural Sciences
Wouter Peters (Wageningen University & Research/University of Groningen) Presentation
Interactions between the carbon cycle and climate from local to global scales
Guido de Croon (Delft University of Technology)
Insect-inspired artificial intelligence: simple solutions to complex problems?
Barbara Bakker (University of Groningen)
Living on the edge: complexity in metabolic disease
Nelly Litvak (University of Twente / Eindhoven University of Technology)
Web ranking and centrality in large scale-free networks

Applied topics  on the added value of complexity in governance, energy, logistics and health
Sacha Epskamp (University of Amsterdam/Institute for Advanced Study)
Complexity in clinical practice: how can network models be used to aid therapists?
Jacco Spek 
(TNO) Presentation
A methodological approach for development and deployment of data sharing in complex organizational supply and logistics networks
Koen Kok (Eindhoven University of Technology, ECN part of TNO) Presentation
Complexity in Electrical Power Systems Control and Coordination
Roland Kupers 
(Institute for Advanced Study / Roland Kupers Consult)
Complexity and Climate Policy

15:00    Break
15:30    Keynote lecture
Professor Phil Hodgkin, Walter+Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
How determinism and probability combine to control the complex immune response

16:15    Closing remarks
16:30    Drinks